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Colour Palette Meme - Daenerys Targaryen with #4

Colour Palette Meme - April O’Neil with #9


Who’s next?

Lady Sif in #8, as requested by tha-g

8D I just have to write a few words and pretty pictures appear. I’m the new David Blaine…schwah.

Colour Palette Meme - Mikasa (Shingeki No Kyojin) with #8


tha-g suggested some sci-fi redesign of one or more of the Dwarves from The Hobbit, so I started with Kili of course. I have a lot of thoughts about this Hobbit Space AU that I don’t feel like typing out on my phone, but y’all will very likely see more of this later! (so much fun, thanks again for the great idea G!)

I made this happen. Go me. 8D

Colour Palette Meme - Bilbo Baggins with #7

Colour Palette Meme - Casey Jones with #1

Colour Palette Meme - Nightbird with #4


So after a long hiatus, I am easing back into drawing with my tablet and posting shit on tumblr. Thought I’d jump on this palette meme thing that’s going around.

So yeah, send me a character please (if you’ve a spare moment)! I’m most familiar with the Tolkien, Marvel & DC fandoms, but I’m at least passingly familiar with anything that I’ve posted before. And if I’m not familiar, I’ll just google it. :) 

I am also doing this now.

Birthday pic for Ricky.