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Follower Art Giveaway! 

So I thought I’d do a giveaway for my followers (old & new, you guys are awesome!), as you do. As this is the first one I’m doing, the prize is probably relatively small…not really sure how this all works, but here we go! 

Shut up Alyssa! What’s the damn prize?

Glad you asked. The winners will get a single character drawing (as pictured above) drawn, inked & coloured by me. Any character of your choosing, including OCs. No background or minimalistic pseudo-background (as in the Wonder Woman and Loki pics above) if that’s what you prefer, your choice. 

And the rules?

There will be THREE winners, picked by random number generator (I suspect you know the drill). 

To enter: 

  • You must be following me (follower appreciation and all).
  • Reblog and/or like this post. Reblogging gets you an entry, and liking gets you an entry. 
  • *EDIT* A note on reblogging! You get an entry for every reblog, up to 5 reblogs total. (In addition to the entry for liking.) I do request that people try and avoid spamming their followers by reblogging a bunch of times in a row, but it won’t disqualify you or anything. :)
  • Giveaway ends at midnight (CST) on Jan 31st. Winners will be announced and contacted on Feb 1st. If I don’t hear back from winners by Feb 8th, new winner(s) will be randomly selected. (And so on and so forth)

I think that’s it…if you have any questions, let me know! (Again, new to this whole process so I very likely have totally screwed this up)

But yes! Basically just want to show some love for my followers, I really do appreciate every one of you! (Yes porn-bots, even you. Especially you.)

Originally drawn by alyssafraser

Originally drawn by alyssafraser


Project Dressup: Week One (X-Men) | Storm

(as with all of these so far, this is transparent…and glowy as a bonus!)